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A & L Consultancy provides UK-wide Asbestos Surveying and Sampling services across the public and private sectors.

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A & L Consultancy services are confined to surveys which sets us apart from the rest, as we have no reason to exaggerate the amount of asbestos present like other surveyors do. Our reports are always a true representation of what we discover in your building. In other words, they are CLEAR, CONCISE and ACCURATE. Here is a detailed list of our asbestos services.

Management Surveys

A management survey is the standard survey. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACMs in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy and includes an assessment of the condition of the identified ACMs allowing a “duty holder” to manage their building or buildings. 
The survey includes a material risk assessment and a priority risk assessment (usage of the area where the ACM’s have been located). Clear and defined review dates are stated within the body of the report based upon the risk assessment.

Example Report

Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

A refurbishment and demolition survey is needed before any refurbishment or demolition work or more intrusive maintenance and repair work is carried out. This type of survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all ACMs in the area where the refurbishment work will take place or in the whole building if demolition is planned.
The survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection, as necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach.
This type of survey assumes that all identified ACM’s will be removed (rather than to 'manage' it).

Example Report

Annual Re-inspection Surveys

As defined within the Control of Asbestos Regulations "The survey guide" 2010 and The Health and Safety at Work act 1974, it is stated that it is the responsibility of the "duty holder" to be responsible for the management of known, identified and presumed asbestos containing materials within their buildings.
The easiest way to do this is to have a re-inspection survey carried out within a 12 month period (maximum time allowance) to re-assess the condition of the ACM’s and update the current information. This allows continued compliance and safe management of the ACM’s.

Example Report

Management Plans

A & L Consultants Management plans are twofold. Following the completion of an asbestos management survey, your management plan needs to include for how identified ACM’s are to be managed and monitored.

The written management plan includes all legislative required sections including emergency procedures.

A & L Consultants data-base management plan allows for the required elements of each identified ACM’s to be inspected including its re-inspection date and allows an individual view within a pop-up window of each identified Asbestos Containing Material. 

Awareness Training

Awareness training is a mandatory requirement as identified in CAR 2012: It is recommended that all employees who are directly or indirectly in control of activities that may affect asbestos-containing materials should receive asbestos awareness training and should have access to the Asbestos Register.
Training requirements can be met by in house bespoke training sessions for delegates.

Project Management

Following on from a site survey it may be a requirement that some of the identified ACM’s require remedial actions or to be removed.
A full and complete project management service if offered through a listing of approved and audited licensed asbestos contractors to allow the remedial works to be completed in a safe manner following all current legislative requirements.
Following the completion of the remedial work the original report data can be updated with electronic links to all relevant information from the remedial works. All stored upon the online asbestos database.

Did You Know?

As astounding as it may seem when you consider the well documented health implication it is thought that mining of asbestos is still on-going in Brazil, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and India.
Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your home. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the world today.
Symptoms of Legionella usually begin 2 to 14 days after a person is exposed to the bacteria. Lung infection is common with Legionella because the bacteria thrive in the warm, moist environment of the lungs.
Legionnaires’ disease is treatable, but people over 50, and those who have underlying medical conditions, are at greater risk of serious illness after contracting the disease.
In the United Kingdom around 20 tradesman die each week as a result of past exposure to Asbestos
Legionella is a naturally occurring organism commonly found in lakes, rivers and soils — but generally is not pervasive enough to result in disease from these sources. The bacterium derives its name from its identification with Legionnaires' disease, or Legionellosis, an infection of the lungs and form of pneumonia.
Did you know the Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer, after smoking?
Legionnaires’ disease got its name from a 1976 outbreak at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia.
Legionella bacteria are usually found in water. The bacteria occur naturally in the environment, says the CDC, and grow best in warm water. Specific areas where you might encounter the bacteria include: cooling towers, hot tubs and whirlpool spas, hot water tanks, decorative fountains or pools, and large plumbing systems.
Testing is the only way to know your home`s radon levels. There are no immediate symptoms that will alert you to the presence of radon. It typically takes years of exposure before any problems surface.
Two different illnesses are caused by Legionella bacteria. They are Legionnaires` disease and Pontiac fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The primary routes of potential human exposure to radon are inhalation and ingestion. Radon in the ground, groundwater, or building materials enters working and living spaces and disintegrates into its decay products. Although high concentrations of radon in groundwater may contribute to radon exposure through ingestion, the inhalation of radon released from water is usually more important.
Asbestos can be found in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000. It is in many of the common materials used in the building trade that you may come across during your work.
Legionnaires’ disease is preventable. The most effective way to prevent the infection is to make sure that water systems like cooling towers, spas, and pools are properly maintained and up to current health and safety codes.
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